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Monday, April 13, 2015

My first Fluff Fairy! - Kelly's Closet March 2015 mystery cloth diaper package

My new obsession is cloth diapering! I cannot wait for my little girl to arrive so that I can put these cute diapers on her little bum! I also love mystery boxes, so it was no surprise that I had to try a mystery cloth diaper package!

Kelly's Closet ( offers one of the most popular versions of the cloth diaper themed mystery package - Fluff Fairy. It sells out each month and QUICKLY (within hours or the first day at the latest)! The mystery bundle always includes a cloth diaper and additionally includes samples or other cloth diapering related products. The cost varies each month based upon what is included in the mystery bundle, but shipping is always free.

This month was a SoftBums themed month, because all items received were from that brand. I have only begun building my stash, so I'm very excited to add new brands and types of cloth to try.

Here's the unwrapping:

The package arrived in a mailer, but inside was packaged in blue tissue with a cute Fluff Fairy sticker

Inside the blue tissue was a sheet explaining what was included in this month's Fluff Fairy package:

At first glance, there was a cute diaper, a pad, a wipe and a keychain.

This month's diaper is an Omni bundle from SmartBums and the one I was sent was the Bubblegum Aplix style. The bundle version of this diaper includes a large and a mini dry touch pod (or insert). I really like the color of this diaper and am excited to try a new brand and type of diaper. Although I haven't tried them yet, I am a little less than thrilled with aplix style diapers as I think they will fray easier in the wash. This bundle is also available in snap for the same cost. The retail value of the bundle is $26.

The next item was more of a sample, but I'm excited to try it nonetheless. Below is a picture of one SoftBums H-Pod Disposable Insert I like the idea of disposable inserts for when you just don't want to have dirty inserts lying around (traveling or leaving baby with someone not cloth friendly). The description states each insert has the absorption of a large pod, but in a super trim version. This is great to me because as the mother of someone that always wore disposables, I'm a little worried about "fluff butt" ALL the time. AND the best of the perks, these disposable liners are biodegradable. These inserts typically come in a 20 pack for $8, so the value is about $.40.

My first cloth wipe was also part of the bundle! I am looking forward to making some of these with the million receiving blankets we were gifted with our son, but it's nice to have one girly one and even better to have an example to follow as I attempt to DIY them! Softbums Organic Bamboo baby wipes are typically sold in a five pack for $9.25 for a value of $1.85.

The final item was a bonus item: a SoftBums Panda Key Chain. This keychain is really cute and is soft, so I look forward to using it in my new car...I hate the thought of something heavy banging beneath my steering wheel and scratching up the interior. Although, I may have to fight my son for it, because he immediately confiscated it when I opened the package.
My overall impression of my first Fluff Fairy is that it's a really fun monthly surprise. I think it's a great fit for someone like me who is new to cloth or a veteran that has serious brand loyalty and hasn't tried other products on the market. The cost of the March 2015 Fluff Fairy was $26.79 and the value of the package was $28.25. I am pleased with the value for what I spent and look forward to trying all the products when my little girl arrives (and is big enough).

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