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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 2015 Review of Walmart Baby Box - Every Little Step 2nd Trimester

I just love receiving subscription boxes in the mail and couldn't pass up a box for just $5. This newer box offered by Walmart ships a box to match your stage in pregnancy or the early stages of motherhood. Since I'm due with our second child in May, I ordered the 2nd Trimester box. The box is not huge, but not tiny either.
A congratulations pamphlet including a checklist of items you may need for your new arrival was placed on top of the blue tissue paper wrapped box contents.
Immediately underneath the blue tissue paper was a booklet showing some of Walmart's baby merchandise grouped into matching sets and including coordinating room color suggestions.
$9.50 in coupons was included for items such as Gerber baby food, Nuk pacifiers, Little Noses over the counter medicine and Avent products. No samples were provided for any of these brands.
A breastmilk storage bag and trial pack of nursing pads from Lansinoh were included with an advertisement for the brand's breast pump.
Perhaps the strangest item I've ever seen included in a baby or expectant mom box - Summer's Eve wash and cleansing cloth sample plus a $.55 coupon. Is this even safe to use during pregnancy?
A sample of Desitin diaper cream:
A sample of All Free and Clear dryer sheets:
A clutch containing a Pampers diaper and sample pack of wipes. While the thought is cute and it may be useful to some, I don't think this is a useful item. As the mother of a toddler I can honestly say the less to carry for a diaper change, the better. This clutch doesn't fold out into a changing pad, so you'll still need your diaper bag or at least a changing pad.
A sample of Aquaphor. While I think they're the same thing, I'm not sure why the Baby version of this product wasn't included in the baby box.
My overall impression of this box is it is definitely not worth it. Every item included in the box is provided in either doctor's office or baby registry sample bags FOR FREE. I am not going to cancel my subscription just yet as I'd like to see if anyone receiving any of the other boxes has any better luck, but I'm fairly sure I won't be continuing my subscription.

Did you receive another version of the box? Do you feel differently about the contents? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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