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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wittlebee March 2013 review

I have been bitten by the box craze bug. There seems to be a monthly subscription box for everything these day...including boxes. I reign in my desire to have one of each sent to me the best I can, but sometimes there are deals you just can't pass up. I heard about the Wittlebee children's clothing on a blog about boxes and was anxious to try it out. Who wouldn't want to receive a box of super cute clothing for their kiddo? As soon as I received a 50% off coupon code, I signed up. I paid $23 (including shipping) and was told my box value would be at least $100. I answered questions about little man, the types (swimwear, pjs, shorts, etc) and colors i would prefer. After signing up, I received an email stating that my showroom would soon be open. The showroom provides box subscribers the opportunity to select three of the six items included in their box. We selected a pair of karate pants from American Apparel, a long sleeve shirt from Rabbit Moon and a button down shirt from Toby (we has never heard of this brand). We patiently waited and our box finally arrived on April 8th. In addition to our selections from the showroom, we received a Kate Quinn Organics pants and hoodie outfit and a Threadless brand t-shirt. I attempted to find each received item online to approximate our value received, but could not locate most of the items. Hubs and I feel the value was pretty good for the $23 we spent, but we would have been disappointed had we spent the regular box price of $36 + s&h. Wittlebee is awesome in concept, but I honestly feel you'd do better shopping sales online or in your local mall where you can be sure the items will fit your child and reflect your style. One great perk of Wittlebee membership is being eligible for Wittlebee's almost daily Instagram sales. From what I've observed, mostly girls' clothing is offered, but it is super cute and the prices are amazing! We just snatched up two OP brand t-shirts for $6 - shipping included!! Wittlebee also has mystery grab bags fairly regularly and seem like they could be fun to try at least once. Hubs and I will very likely cancel this box as we have a certain style and would prefer to hand select clothes, but it is a really fun box to try. If you would like to try it out for your kiddo, you can use this link and save $10 off of your first box.

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