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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bluum box review - June 2013

Bluum Box, you say?  I have read many blog reviews from dissatisfied subscribers, but just couldn't pass up a box for my little guy at the great price of $10 for a one month trial. 

Well...I must say I agree with all those reviews. The box was just...meh. I aged up little guy to 19 months and received a box with a "Let's make friends" theme. The cute pink box arrived promptly after I received my shipment confirmation and tracking number. Inside the box, things were just sort of thrown in (no pretty tissue paper ala Citrus Lane).

 I decided to review this box, not for my discounted trial price, but for the actual subscription cost of $24.95/mo because that would be my renewal cost. 

A cute card providing the month's theme was placed on top of the box. 

I actually really like the theme idea. Citrus Lane did away with this and I've missed it. 
The reverse talks about how the theme applies to your child. I think this is a super nice touch and easily my favorite part of the box. 

If you've read the blog before, its no secret that little guy loves the Happy Family brand of baby food and toddler snacks. We were all thrilled to see THREE Happy Family products included in the box, plus some coupons to buy more treats. Maybe this was our favorite part of the box...

The next item was a pair of sunglasses. I'm not sure what these have to do with making friends or sharing...then again, I'm not sure what the Happy Family products have to do with the theme either... Anyway, the sunglasses...

I pulled these out of the package to take a look at them and my husband just said "no", as in there's no way my son is wearing those ugly things. Needless to say we will not be using this item. 

We love, love, love books and I was very excited to see a book included in our box. The book is the only item that directly relates to this month's theme. 
It's a cute book and I do think we will use this pretty regularly. 
I am not sure what the point of this toy is. It has nothing to do with sharing or making friends, it appears to be better suited for a little girl, looks really cheap and worst of all is for ages 3+ (according to This is definitely my least favorite item in the box. 

The last item, Hy5 alcohol free hand sanitizer, was for the mothers and has already made it's way into my diaper bag. 

The value of the box (obtained from
Happy Creamies - $4.21
Happy Munchies - $3.59
Happy Tot pouch - $2.00
Kidz Bandz sunglasses - $14.99
I Can Share book - $7.19
BKids cat toy - $6.52
Hy5 hand sanitizer - could not locate similar sized product

Bluum delivered more than my expectations in the quantity of product provided. Unfortunately, most of the products aren't things we will use, making the subscription cost too high for our value received. If you believe this is something your family would enjoy, you can subscribe at

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