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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Girl Gone Vegan

I'd entertained the idea of being vegan for nearly as many years as I'd been vegetarian (20 years!). I could never commit to the change in fashion (goodbye purses and shoes), giving up sweet treats and what is life like without my beloved cheese?!? Everything changed over the course of last year. My son was born with a terrible milk allergy. I had two options, I could give up dairy or stop nursing him. Goodbye dairy. I had no idea what to eat or how to plan meals. Thankfully during my many sleepless nights I came across . Vegucated is a wonderful documentary about three New Yorkers and a vegan challenge. The creator of this documentary has a fabulous website full of recipes, resources and support . I loved Vegucated so much, I searched and found a bounty of recipes to try out on my husband and toddler. What once was a temporary change has become much more permanent. We are all feeling more energized, losing weight without trying and enjoying every bite along the way. Check back for reviews of recipes we've tried and new ones we've created.

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